Drive out your needs through the door, they will come back through the window.

Should we have some lunch?

Number unobtainable.

I have a fever and a headache. I think I'm getting ill.

Tharen promised to come home early tonight.

The buds on the bush have not changed in size since fall.

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I can't live without you. You're the only woman for me.

Have you ever played baseball?

I want to tell you all about my new life.


You're missing the bigger picture.

What are the company's strengths and weaknesses?

The race director said that the fun run would be held, rain, hail or shine.

That depends on the context.

Cristina felt like everyone was ignoring him.

No problem.

You should meet Ricardo.

Dean has a son who's an architect.

I would be very pleased to go with you.

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I like to sleep in the buff.


Skip is about three years older than Hitoshi.

It's time to talk.

The two factions gang up with each other.

"How do you feel?" "Not good at all!"

I thought you didn't have any family.

I'm going to have a rest.

To her, lying is a second nature.


I'm going to sell my house.

Having finished the work, he went to bed.

What ever can that be?

The past should be left in the past.

Wisdom is better than gold or silver.

Can you please walk away?

They keep numbers of sheep.


But how can they do this?

Persian Gulf is an element of historical identity of Iranian People.

I enjoyed myself at the party yesterday.

Billy is waiting for you now.

Jerome cut the pie into six pieces.

I'll do better next time, I'm sure.

Can I stay over?

I want a knife with which to cut the rope.

The town where I was born is beautiful.

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He ate as many as ten eggs, no sweat.

Are you drinking ouzo or pastis?

I got a motorcycle driver's license when I was sixteen and a half.


It seems to me that, apart from native speakers, nobody translates Russian sentences, and that's sad.

I've never traveled by train.

He was charged to continue this job.


Stay away from the windows.

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Bonnie's father was a very wise person.


There's no time for questions.

Let's stop beating around the bush.

Me, hate you? Don't be ridiculous! We're friends now.

Harv's sister Raj is now in Boston.

Is there something on your mind?

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Would that it were true!


Thanks to you getting him badly injured, all of that kid's summer plans came to nothing!


Japan is poor in natural resources.

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This box must be large enough for all these books.


Round off the edges a little.


Answer me right now.

She was so scared that she couldn't speak.

Sofoklis didn't open the door.

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"Nice person," that's the word girls used to call men to indicate that they aren't possible objects of romantic interest.

Jonathan has always been poor.

He often writes to his parents in Japan.


Everybody knows them.


Kieran and Isidore have the same last name, but they aren't related.

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Most men in politics just did not like Adams.

You're the guy who killed them.

Alvin is going to be bummed.


She came to the station to see me off.


A Mr. Miller wants to see you.

Barn's heating is in bad shape, comes the milk in cubic shape.

She gave a small cry of alarm and fled to the bathroom.


Why do we believe it's so important to become a millionaire?


I am going to play tennis in the afternoon.


Radek claims that you stole his bicycle.

Ahmet never told me where he went to school.

His mother refused to pay for his education so while at college he worked as a servant to pay his way.

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I offered it to Stacy.

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We work for the money.

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That's what you told Srivatsan, I'm pretty sure.


I don't have anything to say.

A bow is no use without arrows.

I've told them all about you.


Nothing can prevent her from marrying him.

I would really like to go there.

Casey got married.

Straka gets off on that kind of thing.

I never actually saw it.

Thuan went to Boston by himself.

How can we possibly do that?


You can't let them stay here.

It was careless of you to leave your umbrella on the train.

I told Carsten I'd finish up here.

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Deirdre isn't much younger than Monica.

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I often went to the movies with my father.

I was unaware of the problem.

Amanda and Raphael went to the worst restaurant in town.

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The enterprises carried the five-day workweek.

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A lot of people climb the railing, and even litter.

They left together.

It was only a kiss on the cheek.


I don't often go to lunch with Panacea.

Our son died during the war.

It's important to unite as many workers as possible.

I have to fire them.

Last night there was a full moon.

We can't find him anywhere.

One is not called noble who harms living beings. By not harming living beings one is called noble.

Everything changes.

I would do it if I had more time on my hands.

These desks will be put up for sale this week.

You don't seem to want me to say yes.

She put up her hand to ask a question.

I'll punch your lights out!

His error brought the project to nothing.

You are my girlfriend.

Everyone respects Jesus.

What is the main attraction of the museum?

Kiki thinks you're good at French, but I know you're not.

This could change everything.

I want to know who your friends are.

Will it take long until we get there?

Mysore explained how he lost his money.

When the chips are down, the only one you can count on is yourself.

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You have to make Betsy believe you.

We often eat fish raw.

At nightfall, a group of twenty-nine came into that hostelry.

Would you please sit down?

I think you'll have very little difficulty in getting a driver's license.

You're not very good at it.

What a surprise to meet you here!


Roll the video.

Take the weight off your feet.

Eva was the only one who laughed.

I have a pretty good idea why Takao isn't here.

Why didn't Valentin tell me himself?


My car doesn't have enough horsepower.

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I'd like Niels to be happy.

Don't you think Curt's cute?

The relationship between epilepsy and glucose metabolism was established more than 85 years ago.

I should be at school.

I don't understand the world anymore.

You only see what you know.

What the hell? That guy got his license from a cereal box!

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Of course, I remember them.

Here, drink this.

I've been studying French since I was thirteen.


What a cute cat!

She asked him to give her some money.

In other aspects, the results of Laowang's health examination were all quite normal; it was just that his blood pressure was a bit high.

He and I are brothers.

He has just come home.


Scores of people gathered in front of the Royal Palace.